The Rain in Spain…

The Rain in Spain… Yesterday we had an amazing experience eith thePhoenix Boys at the cloister of San Isidoro in Leon. I had been lookingup to the sky and searching the forecast through my cell almost allafternoon where the probabilities of rain where between 80 to 100%. Thecloister of San Isiforo for me was one of my fav places to perform inthis long tour and I always say that the madonna always appears, so mystrong faith was saying me that the concert should go on, no matterwhat and it wont rain. When we walked in, the local organizer was morenervous than me and we worked on a plan B where the kids will sing onone of the cover sides of the squared cloister, but where only eereroom for less than 200 chairs. We were not sure how many people willcome for this free concert and while the first rain drops where fallingand just half hour before concert starts we decided to use the centralcourtyard, and placed the 600 chairs, while light technicians broughtthe light colums and plugged the keyboard. We did not realize that over700 people on a cue where waiting outside the monastery. When foordwere open and people came in, the choir started singing . Someumbrellas were open but soon the few rain drops finished falling andthe music moved and the hope of the audience eere stronger than anystorm. The magic of this courtyard and building where the firstEuropean Parliament took place, where the tombs of the kings of theancient kingdom of Leon are located and where the chalice of DoñaUrraca is exhibit and new testimonies found says that is the Holy Grialmade all this magic happened. When the choir returned walking to thehotel is when it started raining andsince then it does not stop.Incredible experience to all, amigos.

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