Segovia, city of Music

Yesterday and after a day resting, the Phoenix Choir sang their forth concert at Segovia’s cathedral. It was raining strongly almost all day and also at the time we went to the Cathedral for setting up and rehearse, so we took ten taxis and arrived dry and safe. Again, the rain in Spain was uncertain and unexpected, but half hourbefore concert started the clouds opened for a break of sunshine. Short time, but enough for locals to come and filled up the Cathedral. Over 400 people enjoyed the concert while the thunders and storm returned back outside. Another wonderful audience and  an incredible beauty cathedral to sing.  Those cathedrals were built in the  time of Victoria or Palestrina and the European    Choral music they sang was composed to be singed here and this is a privilege. Coming to Europe to sing European choral music is coming to the right place.

Segovia, is also one of the modt beautiful medieval cities in Europe that is proud for its cultural life and that celebrates nany music festivals all year round. From the Sacred Music Festival , obe of the oldest in Europe, to the Folk Segovia, the Titirimundi festival and the Festival de Segovia during the second part of July. Everybody knows the Roman Acqurduct, probably the best preserved in Europe and testimony of its Roman foundation but the medieval squares, the Knight neighborhood, the gastronomy and restaurants such as Jose Maria, tand the impressive alcazar that the Phoenix Boys visited yesterday are dome if the 1000 secrets hidden behind its Acqurduct, that should be discover. Salud, amigos.

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