BlueJazz in Andalusia


bluejazzOpen for semiprofessional and professional ensembles who play jazz, blues, gospel or rock music, that what to come and perform in Spain for about 10 days The festival will take place in different cities around Spain and your ensemble will play and travel together with other ensembles. This rotary festival will happen every summer and will be during all the summer period starting in July and ending in September. If you want to participate, please visit our page and get more information. To participate in this festival your ensemble must have at least one recording done in the past.

If you are interested to come to our festival and to participate is so important that you will fill up the form and you will specify when is the most convenient time for you to come, and to give us a time frame where we can use. Your international transportation into Spain will run under your own expenses. Also you must bring your main instruments, except the drum set in case you need it or a keyboard that we will try to rent from here.  

whitevillage_logoOur goal is to provide to your ensemble a week where you will play several concerts and where you will share with other musical groups your experiences.

We will try to cover all the land arrangements for your whole tour including the transportation, accommodation and diets, and we will try to do our best, depending on your own category, to get some extra money for you on each of the gigs you will play, but this much depend on your category and your music style.

In case you will be a well-known artist, please contact us, as we will be interested to negotiate an extra money that will be paid to you before each of the gigs you will play too during the festival week, same as we will do our best to introduce you to some other international jazz festivals that will happen at the same time.

If your band/ensemble is also interested to participate in one of the other Jazz and blues festivals that are running I all over Spain during the summer time, please let us know too. We do have close ties with most of the festivals in Spain and we can easily put in touch with them and work on some other concerts for your particular performance tour to Spain.

The following materials (Biography, Pictures) can be send via email to:

You can also send us some of your recordings to the following address:

Perform in Spain – Fiesta Tours
Rf. Blue Jazz festival
Paseo Infanta Isabel, 21, 5ºC
28014 Madrid – Spain

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