CICS – Castile International Choral Series



Choral Concert Series from March  till July Every year!

This festival  does not have specific dates as we did in the past. We learned over the years that each  choral group have its own specific times for travelling and it has been always very hard  for us to match under the same dates different  groups.

What we ensure to your choral group that is willing to participate is that  they will be welcome to come and participate  anytime  between March and July every year . We will suggest to come  for a minimum of  5 nights in the area and they will  perform  3 to 4 full concerts on their own in .  You will need to  arrive or fly to Madrid as the festival will take place in the surrounding medieval towns  north of Madrid such as  Segovia, Burgos, Avila or Salamanca.

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A One of a  Kind Festival

This is a one-of-a-kind festival that  will be taking place in such cities as  Segovia, Avila , Salamanca, Madrid or Alcala de Henares , most of them which have been named by UNESCO as World Heritage Cities for their artistic richness.

We understand that due to the growth of  choral and music festivals all over the planet, it wont be easy to choose  where  to go.  Also and unfortunately some of those festivals were made for choirs where  on each concert participates several choirs  and each one sings for 10-15 minutes.

This is not our style !  We  offer to each  choral ensemble the possibility to sing 3 or 4 concerts during the 5-6 days in central Spain. Each concert will be  for your choir every night.

We named festival  almost 12 years ago to maintain its name , but  ours  is  more  choral concert series in several selected venues  and cities in  Central Spain.

We  accomodate each group in one or two different accomodations for  the  4-6 nights and from there each  concert day  they will  drive less than an hour to the  performance venue in the area.  We will also  offer different types of accomodation for each ensemble needs, from budget to moderate for students to first class accomodation for adult choirs

It is important to understand that this festival is open for different types of choirs, from children to adult choirs .

Choirs should bring  two repertoires:

A/  60 minute full-sacred program

B/ Mixed program with  30 minutes sacred and 3 minutes secular



We will have  detailed information of the confirmed venues during the coming months, but  same as we are asking for an excellent level of choirs, we are offering the top  venues and cathedrals in Central Spain , where your choirs will sing  in front of appreciative audiences and full houses every concert.

Castile & Central Spain

It is considered one of the richest cultural historic regions in Europe and as the birthplace of the Spanish language and Castilian culture contains innumerable outstanding examples of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance Art. In addition, there are numerous military fortifications and castles, legacy of the Christian re-conquest of the Iberian Peninsula from the Moors. The origin of the name Castile, land of the “castillos” or castles, testifies to the number and importance of these fortifications.



The  CICF welcomes every choir in general and there  are no fees to participate in the festival. However we will offer you a package that will inlcudde  the motorcoach , some sightseeings, accomodations and meals your group will need . Those conditions must be accepted to  accept  your group at the festival. All concerts arrangements , emals and  tours will be  also include plus the assitance with each group  of an English /Spanish Tour manager .

If the group  wats to travel before or after the 4-5 nights in Central Spain to other places in the Iberian peninisula such as Andalucia, the  Mediterranean, Barcelona or Portugal, we will be happy to  work and tayulor your extension with  all the travel arrangements you need and also  several other concert arrangements you might need as well.



Please if you read this email and you are interested to come with your choir on 2021 or 2022  or during any other specific period, please contact us


Josu Camacho







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