CICF – Castile International Choral Festival

castile-choral-festival1 June 27 –  July 1st, 2018        &       June 26- 30th ,  2019  

Our 12th  Castile International Choral Festival (CICF)  is being organized for June, 2018. The Festival will bring together in various cities of the Castilian Region, during a period of approximately a week, a selection of choral groups from around the world. This is an excellent opportunity not only for your choir to interpret choral music in magnificent, awe-inspiring settings/venues before appreciative audiences, but also to be introduced to the rich historical and artistic patrimony of the region and exchange experiences with choral groups from other countries.

Castile, a marvelous backdrop for Choral Music

This is a one-of-a-kind festival in that it will be taking place in such cities as Toledo, Segovia, Avila and Salamanca, all of which have been named by UNESCO as World Heritage Cities for their artistic richness. In addition, performances will be given in numerous venues with excellent acoustic qualities and great historical value in other cities and villages of the region. The Castile Region is located in the center of Spain and has Madrid as its principal city. It is considered one of the richest culturalhistoric regions in Europe and as the birthplace of the Spanish language and Castilian culture contains innumerable outstanding examples of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance Art. In addition, there are numerous military fortifications and castles, legacy of the Christian re-conquest of the Iberian Peninsula from the Moors. The origin of the name Castile, land of the “castillos” or castles, testifies to the number and importance of these fortifications. During the past years, we have been preparing what we are sure will be a unique experience for participants: a Festival that will please the eyes and ears of both participants and audiences. Acoustically sublime concert venues in magnificent settings, interchange of ideas and experiences with other choir groups, and top quality accommodations.


The Festival begins on June 26th, 2018  the arrival date of the different choral groups to their designated Castilian  city. Upon arrival, groups will be met by organizers and taken to their lodgings. Before dinner, each choral group will meet another group staying in the same city in order to exchange experiences. The mornings of the 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th of June will be spent in visiting points of interest in the city of lodging: museums, monuments, cathedrals, etc., as well as meeting with other choral groups. After lunch (around 4 PM), each choral group will be taken to its designated concert site for rehearsal and subsequent performance. At the concert´s conclusion, the groups will have dinner and return to their respective hotels.


The four different performances guaranteed for each choral group will take place in each of the following: one of the cathedrals of the region, one of the Castilian Romanesque churches, an important historical building (castle, renaissance palace, theatre or auditorium), an open air venue (weather permitting), such as a plaza with excellent acoustic quality.
The length of each choral group´s repertoire will not be less than one hour. It is possible that on at least one of the performance days, one choir will sing together with another, or participate together in the same event, although the duration of each performance will always be an hour or more.

Contact for further information

In case you are interested to participate on  next 2018/2019  editions, please let us know and we will forward you all the information you  need about us and about the festival.
Please keep in mind that this Festival is not a choral contest or competition, that it is open for all good level choirs  that want to travel, sing and meet with other choirs  during a week of music and fun and that  all  choir members have to pay  for their accommodation, transportation and meals that will be provide during the  5 nights / 6 days.

We have different types of selected accommodations from student choirs  hostals  if needed to   first class hotels  for adult choirs.

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