Choral Tours & Festivals in Spain

Custom performance tours and choral festivals in Spain since 1995 

Spain  is  a historic  country with  a  large choral tradition  that dates from its middle ages. From the Cantigas of King Alfonso the Wise,  to the Gregorian Chants  by the monks of Silos in Burgos or  its splendor  times  of the Spanish empire and  Palestrina or Tomas Luis de Victoria.

Choral Tours in Spain

Below are few  samples of  taylor tours we can offer to  your choir and a brief introduction

Pilgrims and Monasteries   ( Central and Northern Spain, Camino de Santiago,  Burgos, Leon, Oviedo, Santander, Santiago, Galicia and Northern Portugal)

The discovery of the relics of  St James ( Santiago) in the  northwestern part of the Iberian peninsula was the right claim  for  the Christianity.  Kings from  France  and  their soldiers  and knights  were the first pilgrims to  arrive and later were followed by many others who came searching for their indulgences.  Old Romanesque monasteries and Churches  were  built along the Camino. Several cities  grew around the markets  and their cathedrals such as Burgos or  Leon.

The Green Spain  ( The Basque Country, Rioja, Santander, Asturias,  Galicia , Leon, Northern Portugal)

From Barcelona or Madrid you can start your choral tour for  few days and we will  start in the Basque Country and the Rioja Wine regions, cities such as  San Sebastian or Bilbao. From there other must stops will be Santander  and the region of Cantabria. Mountains and valleys, beautiful fishman towns  along the coast before arriving into  the kingdom of  Asturias on to Santiago and ending  /extending the tour in  the Portuguese city of Porto .  We can create programs for your choir starting from 7 days,  where  we can organize 2 to 4 concerts.

Madrid & Central Spain  ( Segovia, Toledo ,Alcala de Henares, Avila, Salamanca, El Escorial, mountains of Madrid )

Using Madrid as  gateway will  be the best  and we will suggest to combine its cultural life, museums and parks   with the surrounding cities as Toledo, Segovia, Aranjuez, Avila , Salamanca, Alcala de Henares, El Escorial  or Cuenca…

Andalucia & Portugal

 (Granada, Malaga, Almeria, Úbeda, Cordoba, Sevilla , Cadiz)

Using Malaga as  the best Gateway, we will suggest our best routes and concerts.  Every year we do organize the

Andalucia Music Festival in Granada and other cities in Andalucía: Malaga, Granada, Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera,  Cordoba are some of  the cities  we will suggest you to visit and where we will organize the concerts for your choir. You can also add an  excursion to  visit and explore Tangier in north Africa, or extend to Lisbon, Coimbra or Porto

The Mediterranean  ( Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Málaga)

From Barcelona to Valencia, you will discover  two of the main  cities in Europe i the Gothic times before heading to Granada and malaga along the Mediterranean coast



Choral Festivals in Spain

Castile International Choral Festival

We do organize every summer music festivals in central Spain, our Castilla International Choral Festival ( annual between May and June)

Andalucia Music Festival  

A open seson music festivalthat welcomes any type of  vocal and instrumental ensemble from March until August every year. The festival  takes place in several cities and towns in Andalucia . A festival born in collaboration with the  Granada International Guitar Festival and the European Guitar Foundation.


Música en el Camino  2021

This festival   will take place in several cities and towns along the Way to Santiago. 2021 is the holy year in Santiago and many cultural events  will happen in Santiago, Galicia and the rest of the cities. Many pilgrims and non pilgrilms will  come to Santiago. If your  choir is interested to come and to participate in the festival, we can organize all the travel  and artistic arrangements  you will need and organize several concerts before arriving into Santiago as well.


Gospel in Spain

We are looking for choral groups specialized in  gospel, spirituals and hymns interested to come to Spain for few days and perform several concerts. Dates will be flexible  between end of November and 15 December.  Annual festival with flexible dates and multiple cities.

We will love to hear from you and your interest any time !

           25 Years organizing  concert tours and music festivals  in Spain





“Working with Josu Camacho and  Perform in Spain Tours was truly a wonderful experience. We were able to give concerts in the most spectacular venues of Spain and Portugal and in front of full audiences. Josu was a wonderful and professional tour guide giving us lots of historical background on the areas we visited. The sightseeing was very well organized and the hotels were well selected and met all of our needs. We also had wonderful exchanges with choirs and audiences throughout the trip.  I look forward to touring Spain again with my choir”

George Stangelberger-Artistic Director-Phoenix Boys Choir 

Spain & Portugal Concert Tour- June 2015


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