“Working with Josu Camacho and  Perform in Spain Tours was truly a wonderful experience. We were able to give concerts in the most spectacular venues of Spain and Portugal and in front of full audiences. Josu was a wonderful and professional tour guide giving us lots of historical background on the areas we visited. The sightseeing was very well organized and the hotels were well selected and met all of our needs. We also had wonderful exchanges with choirs and audiences throughout the trip.  I look forward to touring Spain again with my choir”

George Stangelberger-Artistic Director-Phoenix Boys Choir 

Spain & Portugal Concert Tour- June 2015

Since 1995 we had been providing custom performance tours to different International choral groups that decided to come and perform in Spain.

We offer all the travel and artistic organization you may need for your concert tour & will suggest you from the beginning the most interesting cultural itineraries or just adjust to the cities, nights and concerts you want to visit and to perform at.
We can arrange the number of concerts you will be interested to play in the cities you wish.

If you want any suggested itinerary we will love to hear from you and send you’re our best proposal contact us.



June 26th- July,1st, 2018 &  – June 27th- 30th, 2019
Since 2000,each June we organize our Castile International Choral Festival in Central Spain, near Madrid.

During a 6 night festival we offer four full concerts to each of the choral groups that participates.

After the week festival we can always arrange any extensions to your trip with extra concerts in other cities of Spain.


gospel in spain_logoGOSPEL IN SPAIN

December 2018, 2019

Open for professional gospel and spiritual ensembles who want to participate on our festival that will take place every year during December. The Festival will be a rotary one, where each ensemble will travel and play together with other ensembles in different cities all over Spain during 5 to 7 days and 3 to 5 concerts.

We do celebrate over  40  choral concerts average per year. Here are  a brief list of somechoirs we did organize choral tours & concerts for in the past years

The Phoenix Boys Choir (2001, 2005, 2015), The Buckingham, Browns &  Nichol´s, The Illinois Wesleyan University, ISing Adult Choir, The Ensemble Dali(Norway), The Madeleine Children Choir, The Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir ( 2010 & 2014), Vox Humana (Oslo University, Norway), New Amsterdam Singers, ….

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