Orchestra Tours in Spain

Since 1995 we had been producing music tours for international youth orchestras and concert bands all over Spain.

Besides all the travel arrangements that we can provide  as travel agents  as accommodation, transportation, diets, you may need;  we provide to your group all the artistic arrangements you will need for a successful tour in Spain: best selection of venues available along your tour, different encounters with other  orchestras and musicians  in Spain, to participate at some of the most prestige international music festivals in the country or to participate in some of our own ones.

We understand the enormous  efforts  for your group to travel into Spain to be able to play here, but we offer since the beginning our best logistics to adjust to the budget you may have,  helping you  to hire the local instruments you may need , poviding the  instrument truck for the whole tour ,….)

We do partner  with  music festivals,and youth symphony festivals in Spain since over two decades. We did organized concerts for high school orchestras, for  university /college orchestras, for  city youth orchestras and  for  national youth orchestras.

We will love to hear from you in case you  will be  interested to come with your  orchestra or wind band on your next  performance tour to Spain !






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