No matter the style of music you play, if you are a professional or good semiprofessional artist /ensemble and are interested to come to Spain for some concerts, festival participations and other gigs, we would love to hear from you and about your best time available to travel and perform.

Even that we did professional music ensembles for classic and popular music in the past, we are mostly working these days with semi-professional and amateur large groups to whom we do organize all the travel and artistic arrangements they need for their tours.

In our 22nd  year experience representing different artists and ensembles on tour through Spain from different musical styles from classical to jazz, from reggae to pop and electronic.

Our web page  had been  always welcoming to receive information from intrernational musicians  interested to come and perform in Spain and we wish  you to continue using  this window to us.

However it might be possible that the dates you have available wont match  or that your music style is not what we are looking for, but we do promise to listen  to your music and videos and in this case, we  will forward your information to other music festivals or managers across our country. Also we  will be please to link you to small clubs in the main cities across the country to whom you should contact  for arranging a concert and to negotiate your conditions directly

As Concert Management we  do have the experience and contacts  throughout Spain and Portugal to facilitate you the right venue for your music . We work hard as promoters to ensure you a fantastic audience.

Besides selecting the venue,  promoting  each  of your concerts through all media, we do have the support of local musicians and  institutions  to ensure the best possible success.



  1. 72 year old blues acoustic guitar musician. 60 years of playing and recording the blues. I have toured Europe and South America. I am available at anytime for bookings and engagements.


  2. Hello Kenny, many thanks for your link and sorry for aswering you this late as i had been away the past weeks. Will check all about your music and will get back in a couple of days to chat with you about all posibilities, very best, Josu Camacho


  3. I’m a drummer and band leader from New York now based in Barcelona after 13 years in Vienna. I have 2 cds (reviews below) and 3rd coming soon. Since 2009 I have been playing concerts, festivals and giving masterclasses in Austria, The UK and Spain. I have been doing all concert booking and promotion myself. I just finished my 10th tour since 2019, doing everything myself.
    I am looking for a professional to manage and book concerts and help with promotion.
    Please review the below and attached information and tell me if we can work together.
    Thanks and I look forward to your reply
    New CD Reviews Robert Castelli´s Boom Quartet Live at Porgy & Bess Vienna

    “an eclectic mix of very well written self penned numbers which range from a hint of Reggae through Funk Jazz, Spanish Guitar to some excellent Free style Jazz. The composing and band leader skills makes this CD one of the most original CDs of the Year. “Brilliant! A full 5 stars” 
    Brian Soundy  UK Jazz Radio & The Jazz Critic
    “Robert Castelli/Boom Quartet Live at Porgy & Bess” (April 2010) see site below
    “An unqualified, unimpeded parade of joyous song & motion!” 
    T. Bruce Wittet, Editor in Chief Muzik Etc, Drums Etc magazines Canada 

    “This is jazz that dances. The interaction, the improvisation & the bop are stuff of jazz night clubs, while the folkloric forms are alive & vibrant. Consistantly joyful!” Halley Southgate, People Will Talk Media Scotland 

    Brecon Jazz Fest Aug 2010
    ” A thoroughly enjoyable set brought to a rousing finale w/Castelli´s infectious piece `African Dance“. Good stuff!“ Ian

    Robert Castelli/Boom Quartet (CD)


       UK Press & Reviews

    ”mixes witty melodies with tough swing and nasty funk”. Time Out London 

    “A feast of styles, from World Music to tasteful brushwork” Rhythm Magazine UK

    “massive energy!” Lee Paterson, (UK) 

    “solid groove. Tasteful playing. (Buy it) . Brent Keefe, Drummer Mag UK 

    “funky, gutsy Jazz/Funk”….. Selwyn Harris, Jazzwise London 

    “..Amazing!” London                                                                                                                                                                                                                           International Press & Reviews

    “This isn’t smoothed out Los Angeles funk; this is get-down, get-greasy and get-dirty music that’s still delivered with finesse and invention”John Kelman (Canada), (USA)

    “fine arrangements & inspired soloing”. Drums & Percussion Magazine (Germany). 

    “Solid grooves and wonderful texture make this a must have album from incredible drummer RobertCastelli.” (USA)

    “powerful groove, exciting sounds. Castelli has a bright future!” Alfred Kondraf Concerto Magazine (Vienna)  

    “Castelli is a rare drummer, & rarely have there been such solid grooves, imaginative solos, and lush sonic textures since Steve Kahn’s Eyewitness”….T. Bruce Wittet Editor in Chief, Drums Etc (Canada), Associate Editor, Muzik Etc (Canada), staff writer Modern Drummer magazine (USA). 

    “exciting, groovy and funky jazz. The cohesion of this band is exceptional. Castelli is a rhythm machine” Jos Demol, Jazz’halo & Jazz!Brugge (Belgium) 

             Quotes from audiences during 8 city Fall 2011 Tour of the UK “…one of the happiest and greatest jazz events I’ve been to in years”
    “congrats on an absolutely memorable evening. Totally top quality”
    “Hebden has been crying out for some decent jazz and you have got it just right”

    “best gig I’ve been to in 10 years!
       R. Castelli  DOSSIER

    Attachments areaPreview YouTube video Robert Castelli & BOOM Jam al Jamboree l’11 de juny Robert Castelli & BOOM Jam al Jamboree l’11 de junyPreview YouTube video Decisions Decisions Decisions DecisionsPreview YouTube video Robert Castelli “Brazibbean Barbecue” Robert Castelli “Brazibbean Barbecue” ReplyForwardAttachments areaPreview YouTube video Robert Castelli & BOOM Jam al Jamboree l’11 de juny Robert Castelli & BOOM Jam al Jamboree l’11 de junyPreview YouTube video Decisions Decisions Decisions DecisionsPreview YouTube video Robert Castelli “Brazibbean Barbecue” Robert Castelli “Brazibbean Barbecue”


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