We proudly present you and advance of the upcoming different festivals we organize in the next years. For good amateur and semi-professional choral groups we do organize the Castile International Choral Festival the next  June 2018 (XII th edition) and  June 2019  (XIIIth edition).

For semi-professional and professional small  ensembles and gospel choirs , we do organize  during the first two weeks of December , our Gospel in Spain Festival .


September 2016 / September 2017

PBMF is an annual  gathering where musicians  and bands from all over the world participate during 5 days on concerts and  cultural exchanges in  several of the Pueblos Blancos in Andalusia (Spain).  Focus  on Rock, blues, country , jazz and americana styles.




June  26th- July 1st, 2018  & June  25th – 30th, 2019


Perform in Spain is organizing every year the Castile International Choral Festival. For an exciting week in June a selection of choral groups from around the world will perform in the greatest cities of Spain’s Castile region. This is an excellent opportunity for your choir to interpret choral music in magnificent, awe-inspiring settings before appreciative audiences. Your group will join choral groups from other countries to experience the rich historical and artistic patrimony of the region.


gospel in spain_logoGOSPEL IN SPAIN

December 2018, 2019…

Open for professional gospel and spiritual ensembles who want to participate on our festival that will take place every year during December. The Festival will be a rotary one, where each ensemble will travel and play together with other ensembles in different cities all over Spain during the 10 days.



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