Pueblos Blancos Music Festival


July, 2019

It looks like it was yesterday when we began this adventure of Pueblos Blancos  but  today when I was checking our web site  I found that it was since October 2016, right after our first festival happened, that I did not write much more  in our web about it.



So, the first adventure happened on September 2016, and one year after we repeated the festival with new bands and much better logistics in September 2017.  On September  2018, we did our third Pueblos Blancos Music Festival and  now we are less than  3 weeks for the next one. This year will happen  in August for its first time.

2018-08-20 08.55.27



Our festival became  a solid one over these years and  we are very proud of it. Many adventures happened, many  strong relations between musicians were built. bands from Spain went already to Austin, some performed during SXSW. Other bands from Texas came to Spain and  played gigs pre and post festival with local musicians, shared their gears and music and a big family of musicians  was created.  The past edition we had musicians  who came from Australia and Costa Rica, and the festival became an international one. Still focus on jazz, blues, rock and roll, country and tex mex music!



We  at performinspain are so proud to being behind  it since it was created . If you  want to have some fun, we will suggest to go  over our web site http://www.pueblosblancosmusicfestival.org and visit the web and see some pictures about this unique encounter of american music  in  Europe.

October, 2016


It has been  almost  two weeks over that the first Pueblos Blancos Music  Festival happened in the white villages in Andalusia. Phil Plata  is back in Austin, Juan is back working down in Montejaque and  I am back in Madrid. We need to enjoy some free time  to  think if we will  be ready again for next  year´s edition or this  was just a dream that happened once in a lifetime.


Our goal to create an  international encounter where musicians coming from all over the world to play their music and participate in this cultural exchange was  an incredible success beyond  all expectations, where during the four days  of the festival  the bands performed in different   pueblos   and venues each day. Local bands participated as well  and supported from the very beginning  with the  extra backline  needed.

The dream finally happened. Professional and semi professional bands  met together in an incredible  atmosphere of friendship and music during the four days. Every  night 6 to 8 bands were playing in different venues and after midnight jams happened every night with local musicians in Montejaque.

Many of the bands that participated came from Austin, the live music capital of the world, and the music style  mainly  in common was rock and roll, jazz, blues, country and  americana styles and this will be our goal for the future.


Big thanks to the towns of Montejaque, Ronda and Grazalema for their support. Big thanks to all musicians and bands who participated. Big thanks for all local bands and audiences  for the warm hospitality and  technical support.

We will soon be back again  and we will share many  good news  with you.

Please if you are  interested in  more details or if you are  a band interested to participate in the next edition, please  contact www.pueblosblancosmusicfestival.com and send a message to  Phil Plata, co-founder and artistic director of the  Festival anytime

pueblosblancos-269pueblosblancos-613 pueblosblancos-740

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