Venues in Spain


It has been a while since we started organizing concerts and events in Spain for musical ensembles and always choosing the right venues where we could get the warmest and larger audiences and the best possible acoustic conditions was a big task for me.

We worked with many  calendars over the years, where Mondays were always Mondays, when suddenly Real Madrid was playing the European championship the same day and hour that we booked a venue at a bullring for a wind ensemble, or when inside a medieval church in Old Castile just before rehearsing and sound checking with a choir, we had to wait until the funeral  mass or wedding was over to start the concert if we wanted to guarantee an audience,…. We use to work  every year on over 70 concerts per  season, plus our  Pueblos Blancos Music festival and  our Castile International Choral Festival.

We will be glad to speak with you and discuss about the alternative venues and festivals we can offer to you for your concert tour to Spain and Portugal anytime.

Spain and Portugal are located inside the Iberian peninsula, at the end of the end of the known  world and are among the oldest countries in Europe with amazing venues for both  vocal and instrumental ensembles.

Choral groups have the privilege to sing inside  ancient temples  from the Roman times such as  beautiful basilicas, Visigoth and Romanesque Churches or Gothic Cathedrals, where  the sound of their voices and its music will be on the air …….

For instrumental ensembles, we can offer a  excellent selection  of venues, both indoor and outdoor. Symphony Halls, Modern Auditoriums , Classical  Style Theatres or Conservatory Halls are some of the best examples all over Spain. During summer, most of the  cultural activities are outdoor, and your  orchestra or wind ensemble will be able to perform in  beautiful plazas or corners in the medieval squares  in front of  incredible audiences and as part of some of the  best music festivals in Europe as Granada , Segovia or Santander.

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