Voces Blancas,White Voices

We are proud to announce that this Spring season 2018 we will have some of the most prestige children´s choirs touring in Spain and Portugal. Early next week we have the visit of the Copenhagen Royal Chapel  Choir under the direction of Ebbe Munk and with the harp of Helen Davis Mikkelborg  will be singing  at the Church of the Monastery of San Jeronimo next Wednesday April 25 at 17 h their first concert before continue towards Salamanca´s Catedral Vieja ( Old Cathedral) where they  will sing on Saturday 28 at 20.30 h. The third concert will take place at the Iglesia Colegial del Divino salvador on Monday April 30 at 21 h and the final concert  at Malaga Cathedral on Tuesday May 2nd at 21 h. All concerts will be admission  free and limited seats. They will continue then to the United Kingdom where they will sing  with the King´s College Choir before ending their European tour.  This will be the third time they toured with us and  we cold only say that the past tours they received the best  reviews  and  were acclaimed by large audiences so we do hope this one will be outstanding. The program under the title of Choir Sounds of Joy and reflexion ( Cantos de Alegria y Reflexion ) will include the  works of known composers as Felix Mendelsshon, G.P Palestrina and  scandinavian composers as Sven David Sandström, Palle Mikkelborg and Carl Nielsen and a the beautiful  piece for harp , Ave Maria by Sergej Rachmaninov.

Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir at Parroquia de San Jerónimo de Madrid- - Ebbe Munk, Director May 2014- Photo by Juanlu Vela

Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir at Parroquia de San Jerónimo de Madrid- – Ebbe Munk, Director May 2014- Photo by Juanlu Vela


Always proud to  welcome  again  to an old friend, Georg Stangelberger conducting the Phoenix Boys Choir and the Men´s Choir. It was almost “yesterday” when he came with his choir to Spain almost 15 years ago and since then they falled in love with the venues and audiences. On their past  second tour , few years ago they sang  almost 17 concerts in 20 days across  the Iberian peninsula including both countries and the area of Lisbon. This early June they will start  touring across the Northern  Spain,  probably the richest area  in Spain about choral music tradition with churches and monasteries along the coast that were following the old pilgrimage roads to Santiago. From mystical Galicia they will drive towards Porto and Coimbra where they will sing before entering in Salamanca and then Madrid and Andalusia. We  will keep you update the  during the next days. George Stangelberger conducted the Viena Boys Choir before he moved with  his family to Phoenix (Arizona, USA) where he had been teaching  and trainning the children´s voices for over a decade building what is consider among the best Children´s Choirs in North America. The Phoneix Boys Choir will be singing in Gijon(June1st), Santiago de Compostela( June 3rd), Porto ( June 4th), Coimbra ( June6-7 TBC), Salamanca(June 8th), Alcala de  Henares ( June 9th), Madrid( June 10th) Sevilla( June13th)Jaén(June15) and  the final concert in Malaga (June16).


The last Children Choir  this season in Spain is the New York Children Chorus that will be  on tour at the end of June and will sing in Valencia, Granada and Madrid  between June 23-28. Directed under Mary Wannamaker Huff will  sing an excellent repertorie from the classics (Mendelsshon, Schubert) to contemporary (Bernstein, Copland, Gershwin),  but also African American Spirituals and Traditional American choral music as well.  For  any updates of these choral concerts and fresh daily information about our season, we suggest to follow and visit our FB page

Josu Camacho



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