3rd Pueblos Blancos Music Festival 2018

Just less than a week to our next Pueblos Blancos Music Festival, our third one and every day more proud of seeing it coming with all the excitement for meeting again old friends and new ones just around music and  “tinto de verano” sips.

This year we are over 30 bands participating ,  which the  majority   are international artist coming mainly from Austin, Texas , Nashville, Brownsville and other cities in the US.

Believing each day more that we are all on the same road  living  in the Small World and  and that music is the best  way  for all  for understanding , we  welcome this year to Baylou, a rock band  from Sydney and  and Maf e Tula from Costa Rica as best examples of a world without frontiers, a world of music and friendship. Several local bands from Andalusia and other cities in Spain will participate as well.

Perform in Spain is supporting our personal dream, together with Fundacion Sierra de Libar and the local townhalls. A dream that started  over three years ago  in Austin and  in  Pueblos Blancos. Today this dream is a train that  wont stop.

Four days, four towns, four stages and 30 bands playing each day on different towns, sharing their music. The festival emphasize in different styles of music, but mainly focus of american roots ( country, tex-mex, rock, jazz and blues).

Thanks to all  participants, the  ones who participated on last editions that  whant to repeat again and again the experience, the new members  of the ” gran familia” and   specially to the other “dreamers” Phil Plata & Karen Locke  from Austin and Juan de Castro in Pueblos Blancosimg_1943

Check the www.pueblosblancosmusicfestival.org for updates about the festival, the concert calendar, fresh info or to watch some videos in our You Tube Channel of the coming bands of follow us on FB.

On the Road Again!

Josu Camacho

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