We proudly present you and advance of the upcoming different festivals we organize in the next years. For good amateur and semi-professional choral groups we do organize the Castile International Choral Festival the next  June 2018 (XII th edition) and  June 2019  (XIIIth edition).

For semi-professional and professional small  ensembles and gospel choirs , we do organize  during the first two weeks of December , our Gospel in Spain Festival .

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No matter the style of music you play, if you are a professional or good semiprofessional artist /ensemble and are interested to come to Spain for some concerts, festival participations and other gigs, we would love to hear from you and about your best time available to travel and perform.

Even that we did professional music ensembles for classic and popular music in the past, we are mostly working these days with semi-professional and amateur large groups to whom we do organize all the travel and artistic arrangements they need for their tours. Continue reading


Perform in Spain is a division of Ole Spain Tours, a licensed travel agency in Madrid, Spain which works as a receptive operator for education groups in Spain . OST is a licensed travel agency and DMC who operates in Spain since 1995.

As travel agents we do provide all the travel arrangements that matches every group needs.

The division of Perform in Spain was created from the very beginning   to help music ensembles on organizing their concert tours.

We Are specialized on choral and instrumental ensembles on tour in Spain.

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We can help you with any travel and artistic arrangements you need for your custom tour in Spain.

If you are a chorus, orchestra or concert band interested to come and Perform in Spain we would love to hear from you. We will need to know some few details upfront so we can get back to you as soon as possible with our proposal. Please write us a short note about your group: name of the group, type of music (choral , instrumental) and style, number of members, estimated travelling time frame you have in mind, contact person , name, email and phone number.

Once we will receive your information, we will get back to you as soon as possible, , please contact us to


If you want to participate at any of the festivals we do organize and want to receive updated information about the festivals, please contact us to

We will need to receive from you all the information related to your music, your biography, music preferences, your calendar and conditions.


If you are a professional small artist, ensemble and you are looking for a management in Spain or to organize a concert/gig tour over Spain at any time, please write us more about you, your music, your calendar, conditions… for the coming months and years.

In case we wont be able to represent you because your music style or because the dates you plan to come, we will point you on the right direction. We promise that we will listen to your music /see your videos and get back to you with our best suggestions

You should send your information to

Many thanks for your attention.
You will be welcome to Perform in Spain at any time, Un saludo!!!

Josu Camacho
Perform in Spain

Gospel in Spain

Alcazar fortress in Segovia
Alcazar fortress in Segovia


We are  interested to hear during the common months from Gospel ensembles or  choirsthat might be interested to participate in our Gospel in Spain festival. The festival will take place in Madrid  in  some of the best musical theaters in the same Gran Via, consider the  “Spainish Broadway” and  also in other  cities nearby Madrid.

We are looking for small ensembles and  mid size choirs interested to come and participate. The dates are open and flexible and  we  are looking to provide an average of 3 concerts and 4-5 nights in  Madrid & Central Spain areas.

gospel in spain_logoOpen for professional and  high amateur gospel and spiritual ensembles who want to participate on our festival that will take place every year during December.

Once you will be interested to participate in our festival, we will need you to send us your complete information biography and dossier with pictures about your ensemble. We will study them and we will get back to you with the conditions that we can offer to your ensemble.

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Wind Bands

We are proud of had been orgizing hrough the years custom concert tours for Wind Symphonies, Concert and Marching Bands since 1995.

Spain has a long tradition in Music and especially in wind instruments   and marching bands . Valencia is one the most traditional regions in Spain where every single village has a local band and towns are divided in two bands and half part of its population belongs and proudly play on one of them. Those music societies are among the oldest ones in Europe and Valencia celebrates each year the probably oldest international band competition in Europe during the month of June

Most of our concert tours  for Bands are customized ones where we adjust to the number of days available for each performance group and to the number or concerts they wan to play and the cities they want to visit, and venues where you want to play.

If you are interested to participate in one of the music festivals in Spain with your concert band, if you are interested on a custom concert tour or any other assistance you might need do not hesitate to contact us

We would love   also to introduce with local music institutions or local concert bands for some exchange experiences or in case you might need to hire some local musicians for an specific concert.

We do arrange master classes in Spain by professional music educators in Spain. Music is the language !!!

We collaborate with some of the top music festivals in Spain since many years and we are partners with some of the most well –known ones. If you consider that your performance group   has a very good level and is interested to participate in one of the festivals, please let us know and introduce you to it.


Spain celebrates numerous fiestas all year round from early Spring till the end of Autum every year. But every year´s calendar opens with the Cabalgata de Reyes during Epiphany (   January 5th), where   almost every city in Spain celebrates the parade of the THree Kings.

Our   Spanish Mardi Grass is during the Carnival. Almost every city does Parades during one full week and some special medieval towns in Spain celebrate those Carnivals as the bigeest winter celebration,wwhere ereybody dresses up.

The most popular ones are in the Canary islands, the Carnaval de Tenerife and   inside the peninsula the Carnaval de Cadiz or

The Carnaval   of Sitges among others.

Every year in March we do celebrate Las Fallas in Valencia too.

If you are member of a marching band and are interested to come and perform in one of the Parades in Spain please let us know


According to your free time to Travel and your interest to participate in one of the band Encounters and Competitions in Spain , please let tus know.

Do not doubt to contact us for organizing your concert tour from the beginning to the end.