Mad Jazz: Madrid Jazz Festival 2019

After the success of  last year, Madrid  International Jazz festival comes back again at the end of October until  end of November.  There are set  over 130 concerts  for some of the best known  international and national jazz artists will participate

Following to Herbie Hancock, who will open the   Jazz festival at the  Auditorio Nacional, other  artists  such as  Ron Carter or  Charles Tolliver.  Contemporary jazz will be  represented  as well by Mina Agostini, Joe Lovano, Marc Ribot, and many others.

Will be difficult  to stay at home every night when artists such as Avishai Cohen or Christian Scott will be performing in town.

Concerts will  take place at some of the  top venues in Madri such as Auditorio Nacional,  Circulo de  Bellas Artes or  Institutu Frances, but also in the best jazz clubs such as Clamores Jazz Club or  El Intruso.

If you will be around  Madrid this November we will suggest you to enjoy at least one of the nights this  festival. Last year the number of concerts where  among the same and over 30,000 people attended. Madrid jazz scene had been always active, but during these recent years it is showing up  that it  has been  an important jazz capital in Europe.

Andalucia Music Festival

VITERBO GRX 034_JM17588Annual Music Festival in Andalusia  from March  till  July every year for instrumental and vocal ensembles,

Open for amateur, semi professional and professional ensembles

Every year we welcome in Andalusia, southern part of Spain,  several  amateur and semi professional  ensembles  looking for  travelling and performing several concerts in different cities during a week or more.

As  expert travel agents and concert management company for over 25 years we had been organizing  concerts in several cities and towns in Andalucia every season.

Perform in Spain  in  direct collaboration  and partnership with the European Guitar Foundation had been organizing this festival since  2016

If your ensemble  will be interested to come ,please let us know any time

Música en El Camino Festival

Musica en el  Camino  is a  music  festival open for instrumental and vocal ensambles  interested to come to Spain and travel along the old pilgrimage roads  visiting its medieval cities and walking thorugh ancient paths while they will perform in beautiful monasteries, churches, palaces, castles or Cathedrals on  the way to Santiago de Compostela .

The festival  dates are open for your ensemble to come at your most convenient time. We do organize concerts all year round.   The 2021 is the next Holy Year in Santiago de Compostela, where the city is getting prepared to receive many pilgrims and visitors in general. The city and the other cities  involved along the Camino are preparing intense cultural programs and activities . We will make your  ensemble to be part of them.

Burgos Cathedral, for instance will celebrate the same year the  VIII centenary of its construction.

Contact us if, tlet us know about your ensemble and  let us  create a wonderful tour for you !!

2019 Season Ends: Music in Castles, Palaces & Auditoriums

The first part of the year runned  very fast with lots of  music and  production and immediately we continued with the second half of it. We  had the priviledge  to tour with the Viterbo University Choir with amazing performances in Setubal, Sevilla, Granada where under the Andalucia Music festival they performed in the TownHall Square and their finaal concert in Alcalá de Henares cathedral. It was  an excellent performance tour. The Handbell Ringers Intssrnational is a international handbell group that uses to meet in one country and   after some rehearsals, they  tour togethr. This year they chose Spain and  they met in Barcelona for  their first concert before ccoming  to Central Spain where they performed in  the celebrations for the Cathedral of Burgos, in the Cathedral of Salamanca and in Segovia. They came from  different countries such as Puerto Rico, Canada, U.S, England, germany, switzerland or Estonia. It was an amazing experience as the majority of the spanish audiences  never heard a handbell choir before. We continued this season with Mira Costa Orchestra, a high school very talented  symphony orchestra  which did an amazing  tour and  that received incredible reviews and outstnding ovations every concert. They performed in some of the  most beautiful  venues such as  the Palau de la Musica  in Valencia or the final concert at the Palau de la Musica in Barcelona which was one the the highlights of this tour.  We received  two other groups  that came for few days and  two performances each  in Central Spain, one was the Youth Singers of Calgary,  one of the best show choirs in North America and the Caleb Chapman Soundhouse Jazz ensembles: The Inevitables and the Soul Foundation who performed as part of  two summer festivals in central Spain. Then at the gates of August the Nationaol Youtyh Orchestra of Canada came  on tour performing  at the Summer festival of El Escorial, then in Alicante as part of the Internaational Youth Orchestra festival and the final concert in Granada at the Alhambra closing the International Guitar Festival with Jose Miguel Moreno, where they played Vivaldi suites , Manuel de Falla and  Prokofiev.  In  Alicante they performed at the ADDA Auditorium and in  Teulada Auditorium. Almost at the  same time we were sponsoring for our forth year  the Pueblos Blancos Music Festival in the mountains of Andalusia, where we had over 100 musicians and  25 bands coming for  all  corners of this small world to play jazz, rock, country and americana styles. A festival that was created following a dream  that we will talk in another post. Wishing you  a wonderful summertime and   a  succesful great second part of this year and willing to hear from any music ensemble  interested to perform next  time in Spain. We would love to help you anytime ! Muchas gracias ! for this fantastic seson

2019: A Musical Year (March-May)

I  had not much time to write  in  our blog  and I do not want any visitor  who will feel that there is nothing  else to  say.   2019 had been running fast since it started right after Christmas with some inspection trips through Spain and Portugal as always, then some  trips to  music trade shows and conferences in the U.S and  then the concert season that this year started in  early March. We  did for  first time a performance ensemble who played world music from Texas which came with a string orchestra and a drum section who performed two concerts in Andalusia, one in Salamanca and the final one in Madrid.  Over  2000 people attended to their four concerts and  people enjoyed their music a lot.

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We had the privilege again to  collaborate with  Witte Travel and  with  the UNiversity of Northern Iowa, its Concert Choir and with John  Len Wiles. Every time John   visted us in Spain  he brought  a unique repertoire that include works of  Shaina Taub. John Work, Carl Heinrich Graun,  Paul Christiansen, Brahms, Jacob Neverud or the basque composers Javier Busto or Josu Elberdin.  The light the  choir   brought to all audiences during their concerts was memorable.



May was  a  choral month, where we had the priviledge to tour with the Viterbo University and the Nebraska Wesleyan Choirs. Viterbo   performed in  Lisbon, Seville, Granada and Madrid.

The Nebraska Wesleyan Choir under the direction of Dr. Willian Wyman performed in Barcelona,Valencia, Guadix, Granada and Malaga. An intense week of concerts and music following the Mediterranean coast

The second part of this  calendar will start in less than two weeks. We  are proud to say  that for  first time, the Handbell Ringers International, an  international association and choir  created by different musicians/members from different nations,   chose Spain for their concert tour and will be touring for the first time. There is a big expectation as this will be probably the first time that a  handbell choir of this characteristics had come to Spain to perform. Among the concerts  that they will play is the concert  at the Cathedral of Burgos that it is celebrating its VIII centenary anniversary.

We promisse to be back soon with  lots of musical news and  updates  for the  next IVth edition of  Pueblos Blancos Music Festival down in Malaga mountains  this summer