Música en el Camino

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Música en el Camino in different cities in northern Spain, all year round!

This 2021 is Holy Year in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia and the next  2022 will be also Holy Year, as the Pope extended one more year due to the COVID.

Pilgrims will come to Santiago through different roads (Caminos). Many will follow the Camino Frances, The French way. Others will follow the Atlantic coast from Portugal, or others will follow the Cantabrian Seashore.

However, all roads will end in Santiago de Compostela.

We consider Northern Spain as a jewel, and we want to bring music along the Camino; not only for pilgrims but also for locals. Many cities were built around housing pilgrims – many markets were created, but also many hospitals, monasteries, churches, and Cathedrals.

The Camino de Santiago became the most important pilgrimage in Europe during the middle ages when pilgrimages to Jerusalem or Rome were impossible because of wars or Arab invasions.

Thanks to the Camino many cities were founded and so charity hospices, monasteries, and churches attend pilgrims coming from every corner of Europe. Religious orders as Cluny or Cistercians established their monasteries along the Camino providing spiritual support as well

We want to offer your ensembles the possibility to tour and to perform along the different Caminos. The Música en el Camino is a festival open for different music ensembles and will take place all year round, where concerts will happen in different cities. All concert tours are custom made, but we are already working on a calendar to organize several concerts along and combining morning walks through those millenary paths with afternoon/evening concerts sharing the music with nowadays pilgrims we will meet during the Camino pilgrimage.

We are already planning for the 2022 and 2023 seasons and we will love to hear from you and your interest to send you more detailed information

We will love to hear from you and your interest at any time!

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