Pueblos Blancos Music Festival -Sept 15-18, 2016


Why? Due to our friendship over the years with  our friends of Mundi, a local band from Austin Texas and  with Phil Plata, a local musician from Austin, the craddle of this project was born last september during Phil and Karen´s visit to Andalusia. Since then, Juan de Castro  in Montejaque, Phil Plata in Austin and myself, were moving on. But  it was not until we receive the support from local authorities in the different Pueblos Blancos and since my visit to Austin this February when we  celebrated two gatherings with local musicians at his home, when the project became real.

Many bands will be coming from Austin, Texas and this has a reason. Not only  for te hard work  of Phil promoting  the festival through the local musicians in Austin, but also because Austin is the  live music capital of the world, and it is  where the South by Southwest Music festival happens every year. Making the interest of  local bands from Austin  in this  festival  and on coming to   Pueblos Blancos and Andalusia never happened before.

This together with the  passion of music and friendship and with the magic of  this hidden corner in South of Spain, the Pueblos Blancos ( known as The White Villages) made the rest.

Big thanks  again  to Phil Plata, Juan de Castro ,all of our friends of Mundi as Mario Gonzales, Darrel Myers, Ric Furley and all of their love of Spain and  especially to all the participants in the magical week coming soon!

When? Each of the  four cities will celebrate each night  different concerts, and all bands will be playing on each of the  cities. The concerts will  start on  Thursday Sept 15 and will end on Sunday 18th, 2016.

Where ?  Four  Pueblos Blancos: two in Malaga province ( Ronda and Montejaque) and two in Cadiz province ( Grazalema and Villaluenga del Rosario) will celebrate during  4 days an encounter of musicians and bands from all over the world who will share their music with locals with  concerts and workshops every day in every of the four   Pueblos Blancos, a magical corner in  south of Spain, close to the Gibraltar Strait, the end of the known world of the Greek mythology, a land of bandoleros and romantic writers.

Who ? From Texas, to Guatemala, from Rusia, To Ukraine will be coming to play,  share their music and experiences  with local  musicians and friends during the weekend.

Here is an update list: Danger Cakes ( Austin, Texas,USA), Sefo(Madrid,Spain, via Austin),Deann René (Austin , Texas, USA), The Pomoriams (Pomorie, Bulgaria), dd dageer (Austin, Texas), Zein Al Jundi (Damascus, Syria), The Jake Levinson Band ( GUatemala via Austin), Pakava It (Moscow, Russia), Flying Balalaika Brothers ( Russia/Ukraine), Nurk (Madrid, Spain) Motes Float Aloft (England via Austin), Moxxy (Austin, Texas), Future of Air Travel (USA), Cañamo and B-Sides  from Madrid….

More information  www.pueblosblancosmusicfestival.com





34 Semana de Musica Sacra de Segovia

This morning the Western Washington University Concert Choir performed in the Church of Saint John of the Knights in medieval Segovia closing the festival with a hugh success of audience. Several prestige international artists performed before as the Chamber Choir f Madrid,Pino de Vittorio  who played church and plazas songs from Naples on  1600, the Musica Reservata from Barcelona performing T.L.Victoria, the violinist Alejandro Bustamante playing J.S.Bach …and the WWUCC singing sacred european music and frican american spirituals and hyms.It was an excellent festival edition.

Annual Music Events

2017 Perform  in Spain Concert Calendar & Festivals  Music News  &  Music Festival  Calendar  for Classic ,Sacred , Choral, Jazz ,Flamenco, World Music &  Other Styles

2017 Perform  in Spain Concert Calendar

At the gates of Easter, and almost finishing our Lent period, we had been or the road since early  February with some concert  bands such as Augustana Concert Band, the Wagner College  Choir and high school string orchestras as ThunderRidge that just returned home after being playing in front of large audiences, where they were welcomed with outstanding ovations.


This Sunday we will tour again with an excellent string orchestra with performances in Avila, Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona.

We are also closing the final details for   next May where we will  have planned beautiful concerts for the Berkeley Youth Symphony, the Luther College Band, the Withworth University Choir and  the Pacific Lutheran Jazz, Wind and Orchestra throughout Spain and Portugal. This spring will be  full of music and fun

Music Festivals in Spain

Spain is passionate about music. We have more annual music festivals than we can list; celebrations of every musical genre including classical, choral, contemporary, gospel, pop and electronic. Find information below on some of the biggest festivals, featuring classical, jazz, flamenco and other musical styles. Check our Facebook and Twitter posts for updates and information on these festivals and news about other concerts, festivals and musical events that Perform in Spain celebrates.
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Latest News


When the echoes of the Cantores Minores  from  Helsinki  were still on the air, the  Florida Singing Sons Boychoir  flew to Barcelona where they started their concert tour with concerts in Barcelona , recitals in Montserrat and  Basilica del Pilar, exchange concert in Bilbao with the local  youth choir ARS VIVA,  and a final concert in Madrid.

 While they were singing in Barcelona, another excellent choir, the Christ Church of Grosse Pointe Girls and Men’s Choir were taking part of the Festival in Granada singing their concert at the Hospital Real before they visited and performed in Seville, Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona as well, in front of large audiences and inside excellent venues.

Want to thank you to all collaborators who make   all the concerts possible and specially to our team of tour managers Pedro, Cesar and Caroline which made all the success happens

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CANTORES MINORES – Gira por España- Junio, 2016

Información de la Gira en Español en  el link de clasica2.com




CANTORES MINORES in SPAIN –(Helsinki´s Cathedral  Boy´s and Men´s Choir)- June, 2016

Next week  the Cantores Minores Choir will start their concert tour  singing in the Basilica de El Escorial before singing in Madrid, Valencia,Barcelona,Montserrat and Palma de Mallorca.  We will have  an unique opportunity to enjoy the voices of one of the best children choirs in Europe singing European music from the 14th to 19th century  with works of compossers such as G.P. Palestrina, Ludovico Grossi da Viadana, Hans leo Hassler, J.S.Bach, Felix mendelsohn, Anton Bruckner or Sergei Rahmaninov. They will also sing a selection of Finnish music from the  Middle Ages to contemporary compossers such as Fredrik Pacius, Gabriel Linsén or Jean Sibelius. The  organist Markus Malmgren will play togeher with the choir some organ masterpieces from C.Hubert H.Parry, César Franck and John Rutter. The Artistic Director is Hannu Norjanen.

13310332_1068650966542881_2775574651867579161_n CARTEL VALENCIA 1.jpg

COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY -PUEBLO  Concert & Chamber Choirs-  Spain & Portugal Concert Tour-May 2016- Dra. Dana Ihm, Director

Last May 10th the Colorado State University Pueblo Concert  Choir under  Dr. Dana Ihm, arrived into Barcelona for their concert tour to Spain  we organized together with Celestial Travel & Tours  and John Icabone. The choir visited in 9 nights Barcelona, Valencia, Toledo, Madrid,  Segovia, Alcala de Henares and Trujillo in Spain and ended the tour in Lisbon.

They  sang beautifully in front of large audiences in Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid and Alcala de Henares and   sang  beautiful recitals in Barcelona Parc Guell, in Valencia at the City of Arts and Science and its Cathedral, in Toledo at the clositer and  inside the Cathedral and in Lisbon Cathedral and  Monastery of Hieronimites. Having the privilege of travelling together, attending to all their concerts and  sharing with all members great momentos singing and having fun is one of the best experiences I  had on my   professional career that I wont forget. The  one hour program it  was so well planned and the repertoire was so rich and different that made  concerts so enjoyable for audiences. From Saint-Saens, Victoria and  Palestrina and the great  European poliphonic music to the  traditional american spirituals of Hall Johnson and Moses Hogan, audiences loved them so much !

Thanks a lot for your music and for all the fun we had!

 Jazz in Spain- Harvard Westlake Jazz Ensemble-March/April , 2016

Few days  ago, the Harvard Westlake Jazz Big Band & Combos  from Studio City, LA ;, finished their intense week through Spain and Portugal where they performed 7 concerts in front of over 1,400 people and where they played in Malaga, Cordoba, Seville and Puerto de Santa Maria in Andalusia, Spain  and the two final concerts in  Setubal and Lisbon in Portugal.


I want to thank  upfront  to James Smith and Maggie Rodriguez from Encore Tours, Samuel Bull the road manager , all the local Spanish jazz  musicians, students and friends who attended to all the concerts and  helped us to organize such a wonderful tour, and most of all to all the high school-age musicians from Harvard Westlake  who brought  their  music and their talents under the direction of Shawn Constantino.


I cannot forget Pablo Bernardo Caveda, a personal friend and professional photographer who  reflected better than a million words through his  photos  some of the highlight moments of  the tour.


The jazz aficionados in Andalusia had the opportunity to enjoy  the concerts and the excellent repertoire chosen from  the  songs of Count Basie, Dizzie Gillespie, Charlie Parker , Joe Henderson among others.

The jazz students from  music schools and conservatories , from high school to adults ,were able to learn and  jam together with the combos and the big  band.


Even that the concert times where not  very jazzy, as half  of the concerts where celebrated at 5 pm, audiences  where there are welcomed  with enthusiasm   the  band members.

Thanks to all  who participate on this tour from the craddle to its end. It was a wonderful time!

WESTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY CONCERT CHOIR- Spain & Portugal Concert Tour-March,2016- Leslie Guelkner-Cone, Director)

Next Wednesday 23 the  Western Washington Concert Choir will sing at the historical Romanesque Cathedral of Salamanca at 20 h. The sacred program will include all a Capella  works from  European and north american composers, from the XVI century until today and from classic polyphonic works to hymns, gospel and spirituals. A unique selection of sacred music for the Holy Week under  incredible and talented voices inside the marvelous  Cathedral of Salamanca.


Western Washington University Concert Choir

Setubal  (Portugal)- Sunday March 20,2016

The Western Washington Concert  Choir will perform tomorrow the first concert in the church of Sao Juliao in Setubal. It will be the only chance  to see them in concert  in Portugal this weekend. They sacred  program will include Iberian and American motets of Lauridsen, Victoria and Billings, American Hymns arrangements by Shawn  Kirchner,Robert Shaw and alice parker and Afro American Spirituals and gospel songs.This will be the first concert of their tour before singing in other medieval towns in Spain

Western Washington University Concert Choir on Tour in Spain and Portugal (March,2016)


The Semana Santa ( Holy Week)  will start next weekend and while most of the cities in Spain will  celebrate through  its processions, where local brotherhoods of musicians and devoted  Catholics will stroll  along the heart of the old medieval cities holding   magnificent sculptures of the Madonna and Jesus, celebrating the Passion and Resurection of Jesus,  we at Perform in Spain will start our concert season with the   Western Washington University Concert Choir that will  perform   five concerts of sacred  and secular music, under the direction of  Leslie Guelker-Cone. the 45-member choir of university mixed voices  will perform  a capella  in  Setubal, Salamanca, Avila Segovia and Miraflores de la Sierra  during  the  Holy Week, with amazing programs  and works from Morten Lauridsen to Victoria, and an amazing selection of American Hymns and Afro American spirituals and Gospel. More news com soon.



Pueblos Blancos Music Fest- September 15-18, 20016

February 2016 Updates – 

It has been a while since  we connected with our friends of Mundi in Austin, Texas and since I met with Phil Plata. Our passion  for music  had been always there since the first time I heard from Darrel Myers , Mundi  artistic director, and his intention to bring his ensemble to perform in Spain, when he mentioned  that he falled in love  with the Cantigas of King Alfonso, one of the oldest music written in medieval Europe. I could not  say no and  we started sailing together in the first Mundi concert tour  in Spain.

Since that time I went several times  to Austin and San Antonio and we did organize three concert tours for them in  Spain.

Last summer Phil Plata  with Karen Loke came to Spain and visited Pueblos Blancos and we both decided to make this dream come true. The idea to bring bands from all over the world to play in the Pueblos Blancos , to make an encounter of musicians there  for few days and to  share and play music   became real when we saw the  blessing of the different  towns envolved and the support of Montejaque and Juan de Castro.  At that time, last January we  met again in Austin with local bands and everyone was very enthusiastic with  our project.

Phil there, Juan in Pueblos Blancos and myself from here are  working  every day   and do hope that   soon we will be able to complete the list of  participant bands.

We have  update information  in our FB  https://www.facebook.com/PueblosBlancosMusicFestival/info/?tab=page_info

and  through our  http://www.pueblosblancosmusicfestival.com/ where you will e able to see  about the venues, bands coming and dates.



Pueblos Blancos Music Fest -September 15-18, 20016

January 2016

Nestled in the heart of the magical Pueblos Blancos of Spain’s Andalusia Region, this is an area steeped in history, legend & myth; a crossroad of time & culture! Centered around the beautiful mountain top village of Montejaque, the festival will hold converts in the spectacular pueblo blancos of Villaluenga del Rosario, Grazalema, & Ronda (The City of Dreams). There will be multiple excursions & exhibitions during the daytime, including the mythical Cueva del Gato, Cueva de la Pileta (1 of only 2 places in the world where you can see ~25,000-year old, prehistoric, poly-chromatic cave paintings, the Roman ruins of Ronda la Vieja & so much more. This region is home to some of the best food & drink in the world!!! If you want to venture a bit further out, the Mediterranean Ocean, Seville, & Cadiz (maybe the oldest inhabited city in the world) are just over an hour away & the in-between is spectacular! England (The Rock of Gibraltar) is ~1.5 hours away. Take a short ferry ride across the Strait of Gibraltar and you can set foot on the continent of Africa in the country of Morocco, The amazing cities of Cordoba & Granada our just over 2-hours away! All musical events, much of the events & some excursions will be free to the public!!! Hasta pronto amigos!!!



Madrid, Flamenco Monumental Festival, December 2015

Besides the great Gospel Concerts coming the next weeks, we cannot forget about the Flamenco Monumental and its two concerts . Next 12 december Jose Mercé, Carmen Linares, Gerardo Nuñez and La Moneta. The day after with a touch of jazz we will see Trio Benavent, Jorge Pardo, Di Geraldo, Valderrama, Arcangel and Rocio Marquez……. what else


Midwest Clinic Conference in Chicago

From December 16  to 19, 2015

Next week we will be attending the conference in Chicago and we will be open to meet with group leaders and conductors interested to come and perform in Spain.Contact us anytime at info@performinspain.com


We proudly present you and advance of the upcoming different festivals we organize in the next years. For good amateur and semi-professional choral groups we do organize the Castile International Choral Festival the next 2016 (Xth edition) and 2017 (XIth edition).

For semi-professional and professional small bands, ensembles and soloists we organize every summer from July to September our BlueJazz Festival open for jazz, blues, gospel and rock music and our Gospel in Spain Festival that we do organize every year on December, before Christmas.

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No matter the style of music you play, if you are a professional or good semiprofessional artist /ensemble and are interested to come to Spain for some concerts, festival participations and other gigs, we would love to hear from you and about your best time available to travel and perform.

Even that we did professional music ensembles for classic and popular music in the past, we are mostly working these days with semi-professional and amateur large groups to whom we do organize all the travel and artistic arrangements they need for their tours. Continue reading